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Spy Kite. Camera Kite Combo

Spy Kite. Take photos automatically from a Kite

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Kite Spy  
Spy Kite is a complete package for entry level Kite Aerial Photography. The 48 inch wingspan Delta Kite lifts the included digital camera which can be set to take pictures automatically at different timed intervals. View the airborne pictures after landing on a PC using the USB cable supplied. Add items to your shopping cart from this page.

Spy Kite

Everything that you need to snap aerial photos from high in the air is included in the Spy Kite package. Simply add 2 x AAA batteries to get started. The digital camera easily mounts into a cradle below the 48" x 24" Rip-Stop Nylon and Glass Fiber Delta kite. Use the included kite line winder to get the Spy Kite aloft. With the kite stabilized, the camera will shoot pictures automatically at pre-set timed intervals which you can set before flying. The cameras 4MB internal memory will hold from 25 to 300 photographs depending on the resolution and format you decide to use. Land the kite and connect the camara via USB cable to a PC to view or download the pictures. USB cable and camera software CD included.

   Spy Kite - Kite and Remote Control Camera Combo

Spy Kite with Digital Camera . . . . . . . . . . $44.95 
Batteries not included. 2 x AAA size batteries required.  

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Spy Kite package

Fly the Kite   -   Shoot Pictures at timed intervals   -   View or Download Photos to PC via USB

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