HQ ROLLER customized by Cobra Kites . . . . . $79.95

HQ Tribal Chocolate Customized Roller

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Size: 53" wingspan x 54"
Material: Rip-Stop Polyester with Carbon/Glass Frame
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
Flying Line: 90lbs suggested
The Roller is an excellent light wind flyer. Stable with a high angle of flight, this is a "kite fliers" kite. In those light breezes, the Roller can be worked high into the sky to capture the steadier air aloft. Produced by HQ, this kite is based on a design by renown UK builder Alec Pearson. This kite has been hand customized with a unique applique design by Cobra Kites. There's only one!

Custom Roller

Wind range guide for HQ Roller

0 - 5 MPH
5 - 10 MPH
10 - 15 MPH
15 - 20 MPH
20 - 25 MPH
25 - 30 MPH