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48 inch Rokkaku Kite Kit

No-sew Tyvek® Rokkaku Kite Kit

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This easy to build 48" Rokkaku Kite Kit uses Tyvek ® for its' "No-Sew" construction technique. The large surface of the Rokkaku is ideal for a wide variety of decoration syles and it's a great flier too! Each kit includes all materials needed to make the kite. ( Flying line not included ) Add items to your shopping cart from this page.

48 inch No-Sew Rokkaku

This 48" Rokkaku kite kit is a great introduction to kite building. A step up from the Frustrationless Flyer Sled Kite Kit, it is larger with more traditional construction. The complete package includes pre-cut Tyvek® sail and reinforcements, pre-cut spars, pre-measured bridle and tension lines, hardware and full instructions. The tough tearproof sail can be decorated with markers, crayons or Acrylic paints. No sewing necessary. Finished kite is 42"w x 48"h and is available individually or in packs of 5.

No-Sew Rokkaku Pack

   48" No-Sew Rokkaku Kit

48" No-Sew Rokkaku Pack Size
48" No-Sew Rokkaku Kite Kit . . $  26.95 
48" No-Sew Rokkaku 5 Pack . . . $127.95 

(Flying lines NOT included)

Sorry, out of stock.
Add 90lbs x 500' Flying Line on Winder  

1 x Kite Line on Winder . . $11.95

5 x Kite Line on Winder . . $55.95

As well as a fun project for the budding kite enthusiast, the 48" Rokkaku is a good classroom project for older children as well as a great team building tool. The Rokkaku is a traditional fighting kite from Japan. Teams compete to fly their kite and do battle in the sky. Kites are maneuvered in flight by each team so that their flying line will cut opposing teams kite lines. The last kite flying wins. The Rokkaku is also a very stable and graceful when flown individually. An excellent flying "canvas" for any sky art.

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