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From time to time, your kite may suffer damage from unforseen obstacles, collisions or just bad luck. Cobra Kites can offer advice on how you may be able to repair it yourself or suggest alternative repair solutions.

We offer repair advice on the kites we sell which usually falls into two catagories. The fabric element and framing. Some replacement spars can be obtained from us and easily re-installed by the flyer. We can also suggest where to get parts we don't normally stock. Occasionally, when time permits, we may be able to undertake repairs to ram-air style kites. Please call 732 270-2112 for information on repairs and parts.

What to do.
A number of kites are covered by a "manufacturers warranty", so the first thing to do is see if you are covered by this. Some manufacturers ask that you send kites directly to them for replacement or repair.
If you don't think your kite is within the warranty period, then you can contact us for repair advice. Occasionally, this requires you send the kite to us for assessment. Often, until we can see the damage it is hard to give an estimated cost or determine how long it will take to do a repair. Do not send your kite without communicating with us first. Call 732 270-2112 or e-mail us at for repair information.

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