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LED Night Kite

Illuminated L.E.D. Night Kite

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9ft LED Kite  
These spectacular Delta kites are mesmerizing. Made from RipStop Nylon and Carbon Fibre with a wingspan of 9ft, they fly in the lightest of breezes. The 3.6v Lithium battery pack powers the 80 super bright LEDs with an everchanging kaleidoscope of color. Truly amazing! Add items to your shopping cart from this page.

LED Night Kite detail
Kites are made from RipStop Nylon with a Carbon Fibre Frame and come complete with Lithium Battery Pack and charger. 4ft diam. 80 LED matrix and circuit board is attached by hook & loop fasteners.

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9ft LED Deltas are light to medium wind kites ideal for night time flying. They'll stay aloft in light steady breezes and are remarkably stable. In less smooth air, or wind speeds in the medium range the addition of a tail will help to maintain stability. Light show duration is about 3 hours with a fully charged battery pack. Light patterns shown in the video clips below give the overall effect for each kite, cycle duration and sequence may vary. All kites are Red White & Blue Rip-Stop Nylon and color position is random. Whatever one you choose, the night sky is sure to come alive! Kites pack into included 36 inch long carry-case. Depending on wind speed, 90lbs to 150lbs flying line recommended. Take a look at our Clip-on Lights for another way to illuminate your kite.

View sample video light sequences from each display pattern below


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   9ft LED Night Kite - (includes 3.6v Lithium battery & charger)

LED Kite Display Pattern
9ft LED Night Kite with battery & charger $189.95 

Please note that LED Kites and LED Light Sets are electronic devices and as such require suitable care and attention when used in the natural environment. The electrical system is not water proof. Previous kite flying experience is very beneficial when using LED Kites and Light Sets. Use care when recharging Lithium batteries.

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