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The Frustrationless Flyer Kite Kit is a great simple to build sled kite kit for school age kids. Kit packs come complete with everything you need, either with or without Flying Line, to make kites that anyone can fly. Made from Tough Tyvek® which is easy to decorate and will last for years. Rolls of tail material available. Add items to your shopping cart from this page.

Frustrationless Flyer

Frustrationless Flyer Packs The Frustrationless Flyer is an easy to build kite for kids. Each package contains bundled pre-cut parts with simple step-by-step assembly instructions. The tough tearproof Tyvek® sail can be decorated with markers, crayons or Acrylic paints. These 30"w. x 22"h. kites are easy to fly and will last for years.
Bundled in packs of 10 or 20 with Flying Line.
Tails available separately.

   Frustrationless Flyer

Frustrationless Flyer Pack Size & Line Option
10 Pack with Flying Line on Winders . . . . . $45.95  
20 Pack with Flying Line on Winders . . . . . $85.95  

Select the pack size from the drop down menu above which includes Flying Line on Winders. The Flying Line is "Kid friendly" and recommended for the Frustrationless Flyer. The handle-style Winder is simple to use and easy for children to hold.

Add Tails-On-A-Roll
300ft roll . $3.95ea.

300ft Rolls of vibrant Vinyl. Cuts easy with scissors. Sticks with adhesive tape.









   Additional Flying Lines

Flying Line Pack Size
Kite Kit Additional Flying Line         
10 x Winders with Flying Line . . . $ 8.95 
20 x Winders with Flying Line . . . $16.95 

   Additional Tails-On-A-Roll

Tails-On-A-Roll 6 Pack Colors
6 Pack of 300ft Tails-On-A-Roll . . $20.95  

Frustationless Flyer Sled  
Frustrationless Flyer Tails

Tails-On-A-Roll makes for a quick and easy way to add colorful tails to the Frustrationless Flyer. For 1 x 20 Pack of kites a 300ft roll will give 20 x 15ft Loop Tails, or 20 x 15ft Single Tails, or 20 x 7.5ft pairs of Twin Tails. Many combinations are possible. Cut lengths of this brightly colored 1 inch wide Vinyl can easily be attached to the kites with adhesive tape.

add twin tails, a loop tail, single tail or fringe

The Frustrationless Flyer is a great classroom or group project kite kit. Teachers and recreation specialists will be able to introduce kids to kite flying very easily. Building goes quickly because everything is pre-cut. The kites fly best in 5 to 15 mph, an ideal wind range. The step-by-step instructions also give pointers on flying. Though these kites do not need at tail, colorful streamers can be added. Use Tails-On-A-Roll for added sky fun.

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