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Ozone FRENZY 07

Ozone Frenzy 07
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Super lift with Frenzy 07 
The Frenzy is the legendary SnowKite by Ozone. The "07" is bound to be the experts choice for Power, Performance and Freestyle. A De-Powerable kite with super lift designed for Intermediate and Advanced SnowKiting. This full featured kite is the product of the Ozone teams' tireless pursuit of design excellence. Add items to your shopping cart from this page.

Frenzy 07
Frenzy 07 Colors

Size :
Span :
Area :
A/R :
Cells :

: 5.4m
: 7.5m²
: 3.8:1
: 20

: 9.8m
: 10.0m²
: 3.9:1
: 20

: 6.9m
: 12.0m²
: 3.9:1
: 20

: 7.5m
: 14.0m²
: 4.0:1
: 20
Frenzy 07 colors

   Frenzy 07

Frenzy 07 Size
frenzy 07 Color
Frenzy 07 7.5 (complete) . . . $ n/a 
Frenzy 07 10.0 (complete) . . . $ n/a 
Frenzy 07 12.0 (complete) . . . $ n/a 
Frenzy 07 14.0 (complete) . . . $ n/a 
(Flying Lines and De-Power Bar included)

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SnowKite gear
Fabric:- The Frenzy 07 is made from High Tenacity Porcher Sport 767 Rip-Stop Nylon fabric with an Edelrid sleeved Dyneema (same as Spectra) Bridle.
Flying Lines:- Frenzy 07 kites come complete with De-Power Carbon Control Bar with leash-less re-ride safety system, pre-stretched Dyneema (same as Spectra) flying lines and detailed user manual. Line sets are 25m (82 feet approx.) x 300kg, color-coded for easy set-up. Everything packs into a great carry-bag. The De-Power feature changes the kites angle of attack, effectively controlling its speed and power output. Note that in order to use the de-power feature, the kite must be flown with a harness.

frenzy 07 Bag

De-Power Control Bar with Chicken Loop, Safety System and Re-Ride Release.

As with all sports equipment exposed to natural elements such as wind, sea water, dust, sand and sunlight, life expectancy varies. With heavy use in these conditions, Access kites can be expected to remain operationally effective for a minimum of 2 years. Of course, with moderate use and care, this time period can be lengthened considerably. To optimize performance, it is suggested that equipment be updated and/or replaced routinely.

SnowKiting in the mountains Freestyle performance and dynamic "POP" are what the Frenzy 07 is all about. For intermediate to expert riders who are looking for top quality and design excellence in a SnowKite. Ozone has been at the forefront of SnowKiting in recent years and continue to improve their product lineup with many innovations. The Frenzy 07 is primarily a freestyle SnowKite for experienced riders wanting limitless high performance. As usual, with all Traction Kites, sizing depends on wind conditions, rider weight and experience. Among the many Frenzy 07 features are auto-stable aerofoil profile, de-power speed system, simple launch without assistance, leash less re-ride safety system, high quality re-inforced construction and Velcro dirt-outs for debris removal.
Kite LandBoarding  
Getting started:- When Traction Kiting, select a size that fits your ability and prevailing wind conditions. No matter what type of kite you use for Kite Traction, there are a number of things to remember when selecting the best size to start with. Your choice will depend on the Surface; (Skis on snow or ice, Kite Buggy on soft or hard sand, grass or hard ground), the Wind Speed, Flyer Skill and Experience and Flyer Weight. Whether the flyer is a novice or has a lot of Traction Kiting experience, the best choice is the smallest kite that will produce enough power to move. It is essential not to be overpowered, not just because it's obviously safer, but upwind travel will be easier and less power is easier to manage. A mid-size kite is ideal to get familiar with control on solid ground in a modest steady wind. Once you are confident that you can control the kite, then progress to Skis, SnowBoard or Land Board.

Frenzy Rail-To-Gully Stomp

These kites produce considerable pull and are not suitable for inexperienced flyers. Always learn to control the kites before attempting kite traction activities. Sensible saftey precautions should be followed when flying these kites and protective clothing, especially sturdy shoes and a helmet should always be worn when using them for traction. Read instructions and safety warnings in with every kite.

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