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FlyCamOneHD Kite Video Camera

Video and Still Camera for Kites

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FlyCamOne still photo  
The FlyCamOneHD 720p weighs less than 2 ounces (53grms) and shoots both HD Video and Still pictures. Use the mini USB computer connection to download or view still shots and video, as well as recharge the unit. Easily attach to line, kite frame or sail. Select Video or Still shooting mode and send this remarkable mini-cam aloft. No Radio Control necessary to trigger the camara. Add items to your shopping cart from this page.

FlyCamOne detailsFort Wadsworth New York FlyCamOneHD 720p only requires a MicroSDHC Memory Card to get you up and running. It is a self-contained unit that needs no extra batteries or control gear to shoot both Video and Still pictures. It is so small and light weight it can easily be attached to all types of kite. Download or view video or still shots on a computer via mini USB connection, which also acts as a charger for the onboard Lithium battery. One inch onboard display allows view finding and access to camera functions. Because the FlyCamOneHD is only 3.75" x 1.5" x.75" and is so light, it can be installed in many locations on virtually any kite capable of lifting an extra 2 ounces of payload. Use Velcro, Rubber Bands or even adhesive tape to attach the FlyCamOne HD to kite or flying line. Universal mount also available separately. The Camera lens has a swivel 180 degree adjustment. Shoot straight down and then re-adjust to shoot forward for the next flight.
FlyCamOne HDSet the shooting mode to Video and the FlyCamOne will take continuous video until the MicroSD memory card is full, or for pre-set lengths of time. In the Stills mode, FlyCamOneHD will take shots at selectable pre-set intervals until turned off or the memory is full. The built-in microphone also records sound in Video mode. To view both Video and Stills, use the mini USB connector to hook up to a computer. Take a look at the FlyCamOneHD 720p PDF manual. Please note our FlyCamOneHD package contains camera, USB cable and instructions, not all items shown in the PDF manual.
FlyCamOne HD Multi-MountThe FlyCamOneHD can be mounted using the Multi-Mount, ( available separately ), which allows easy clip-on/clip-off. The Multi-Mount head can be locked in any position or allowed to rotate freely which enables a more constant shooting angle as the camera can pendulum. The camera locks onto the mount with spring loaded clips and is released by pushing the buttons on either side. Charging by USB takes about an hour and an 8GB MicroSDHC Memory Card will give plenty of space for stills and HD Video.
We are happy to discuss camera installation requirements and suitable kites for the FlyCamOne, as well as other KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) options which use Radio Control. This is best done with interactive communication by telephone at 732 270-2112.

   FlyCamOne HD 720p Video & Still Kite Camera - (MicroSD Memory Card not included)

FlyCamOneHD 720p Mini-Cam (*) . . . . . . $149.95 
FlyCamOneHD 720p Mini-Cam & Mount (*) $169.90 

* MicroSD Memory Card required, not included.  

Image taken with FlyCamOneHD  

FlyCamOneHD Promo Video

  Image taken with FlyCamOneHD

FlyCamOneHD - Fredericksburg St. Croix

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FlyCamOneHD - Jersey Shore Playground

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Extend the capabilities of your FlyCamOneHD camera with the Auto-KAP rig. Take images through 360 degress automatically without the need for radio control. Includes Picavet flying line suspension system for stability whether using auto-rotate or not.

Auto-KAP Rig

FlyCamOneHD Auto-KAP rig FlyCamOneHD Auto-KAP rig under UltraFoil 9 Lightweight Auto-KAP rig for the FlyCamOne HD camera. A self-contained system that uses a Picavet suspension system to keep the camera level. At only 6 ounces with camera and including batteries, this small unit can be used with a wide range of kites, making it a great travel package. The Stowaway Delta, Easy Delta or a small 'Foil can be used for this Auto-KAP system depending on prevailing wind conditions. Use larger kites for lighter winds. In auto-rotate mode the system rotates in steps continously through 360 degrees every 10 seconds. Setting the FlyCamOne HD to shoot still images every 10 seconds allows auto pan-and-shoot. With plenty of space on an 8GB MicroSD memory card, the system will shoot plenty of pictures to choose from. Utilize the Picavet suspension system to take both video and stills from a static angle with the servo power off. Video shot in auto-rotate mode will not be a continous pan as movement is stepped in 10 second intervals.

FlyCamOneHD KAP rig KAP imageThe FlyCamOneHD Auto-KAP rig is fully assembled and ready to use. Just insert 3 x AAA batteries (not included), clip on the camera and connect the Picavet hangers to your flying line. Set the tilt angle of the lens, select shooting mode, switch on and send the system aloft. With the rig at altitude, relax and shoot photographs automatically as it continuosly turns through 360 degress. Package includes camera, Auto-KAP rig, pre-strung Picavet suspension system and line hangers.

UltraFoil Kites 
We have used the FlyCamOneHD AutoKAP rig very successfully with the UltraFoil 9 soft kite. This combination is a very compact package for travel and works well in many wind conditions. The UltraFoil 9 comes complete with Fringe Tail and 300ft of 80lbs Flying Line. As with any kite, experiment with more or less tail for stability and to adjust drag. In stronger winds, flying line can be uprated to 150lbs.

   FlyCamOne HD 720p Video & Still Kite Camera with Auto-KAP Rig

  FlyCamOneHD 720p Mini-Cam (*) with Auto-KAP
  Rig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $259.95 

  * MicroSD Memory Card & 3 x AAA Batteries required,
     not included.

   FlyCamOne HD 720p Video & Still Kite Camera with Auto-KAP Rig & UltraFoil 9

  FlyCamOneHD 720p Mini-Cam (*) with Auto-KAP
  Rig & UltraFoil 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $357.95 

  * MicroSD Memory Card & 3 x AAA Batteries required,
     not included.

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