9ft LEVITATION DELTA . . . $88.95

9ft Levitation Delta

Size: 108" x 55"
Material: Rip-Stop Nylon with Glass Fiber Frame
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
Flying Line: 150lbs suggested
The beautiful 9ft wingspan Levitation Delta flies like a dream and has looks to match. This vivid kite is easy to launch and with the addition of a Black & White tube tail looks great in the sky. A classically elegant kite that is stable with or without tails thanks to the oversize keel and trailing edge flaps. 3 tail connection tabs at spine and wingtips.

Levitation Delta

Wind range guide for 9ft Levitation Delta

0 - 5 MPH
5 - 10 MPH
10 - 15 MPH
15 - 20 MPH
20 - 25 MPH
25 - 30 MPH